Do a diagnostic check before replacing your turbo

Lack of Power

Make sure the filter, hoses and pipes are clean and in good condition.
Make sure the fuel injection system is in good condition and adjusted correctly.
Make sure the exhaust system is not clogged or damaged, including the catalyst and DPF

Noisy Operation

Make sure piping and support brackets are not loose or damaged and connections are secure
Make sure there are no leaks or cracks in the intercooler

Excessive Smoke or Oil Consumption

Make sure air filters are not blocked or clogged
Make sure engine oil specifications exactly match the automaker’s recommendations
Make sure the oil drain pipe is clean and unobstructed.
Make sure there is no excessive pressure in the crankcase and that the engine ventilation system is working properly.
Make sure hoses and ports are in good condition
If there are oil or carbon residues in the exhaust manifolds or turbine, make sure the engine block is not a lubrication problem.