Human Resources Policy

GICO Product & Service Solutions’s goal is to create a positive company culture with an approach that values people, continuous development and innovation. The company sees qualified human resources as an integral part of its path to growth.

The focus of the company’s Human Resources policy is; Its goals include keeping the motivation of its employees high, allowing all kinds of opinions and ideas to be shared in accordance with the principle of transparency, and creating a comfortable and peaceful family environment for its employees.

Aiming to be the “preferred workplace” in its sector, the company follows a comprehensive road map from effective recruitment processes to the orientation program. Providing training and self-improvement opportunities to its employees and maximizing their productivity by creating career maps are among the priorities of İkiler Yedek Parça.

For GICO Product & Service Solutions, employee satisfaction is as important as customer satisfaction for sustainable success. The company keeps its finger on the pulse of its employees through Suggestion & Complaint boxes and annual surveys, and reinforces the sense of corporate belonging through internal communication activities.