What Are Common Air Conditioning Faults?

All compressors designed to run on compressor oil will fail in case of bad oil/refrigerant input to the compressor because the compressor will not be lubricated/cooled.

Have I Bought an Original Sanden Compressor?

Barcode style not used
The wrong green color is used on the label
No oil type or coolant is specified on the label
Sanden is misspelled, eg. 'SANDAN

How to Clean Correctly?

Connect the air conditioning service tool, perform a function test of the air conditioning system, then remove the refrigerant.
air and humidity in the system..

Car Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling What Can I Do? Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

There are 4 basic descriptors of moisture contamination.
Contaminated Oil = Contaminated oil is determined by looking at its color.
Clear/yellow oil - new or used oil.

Future Comfort for Future Cars.

Sanden manufactures leading electric compressors for niche hybrid and all-electric vehicles, battery thermal management and integrated park cooling

Before Turbocharger Replacement

Make sure the filter, hoses and pipes are clean and in good condition.
Make sure the fuel injection system is in good condition and adjusted correctly.

What are the Causes of Turbocharger Failure?

Turbos are used in internal combustion engines to optimize combustion and increase engine performance. A turbo can increase power output by 15-25% over a naturally aspirated engine.

Electric Turbo Technology

Electric Turbos show exciting potential and equal applicability in all fuels such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas (CNG) in both light and commercial vehicles.